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Different seasons demand different leadership

Dear leaders, please be willing to acknowledge when the seasons change – we are counting on you.

Here at the farm the season has changed.  This change demands that we respond in responsible ways. The last few weeks we have been making preparation for that time of year when the sheep breed.  This has included a new fence on the outside and inside of the barn.  It has also included separating the sheep to achieve the best combinations for breeding.

This season will not wait.  It is brought on by the cold weather.  It was 47 degrees this crisp and cool Fall morning.  The Fall is here and it demands we as shepherds and caretakers to respond with action.

And act we did today.  As I type this, it feels good to know that Bob and Alexander (our rams) are both with with the ladies they need to be hanging out with for the near future.  It is good to know that the wethers and the yearling ewes are safe in another field.  All have food, water and space to roam.   A season has come and we have been responsible.

As seasons change in our places of leadership, different leadership is required.  I am deeply aware of many leadership challenges that have shifted in both my local and distant contexts in the recent past.  Seasons change.  Nothing can stop the changes that result from the seasons shifting.  It happens.  It is the way life goes.

But when different seasons come upon us, how will we respond?  Will what the seasons demand of us, cause us to be found responsible?

Or will we keep on acting if we have time to take care of it later?  In other words, will we put off till tomorrow what must be done today?

Here at the farm the changing of the seasons caused us, even propelled us to act in a different way.  If seasons change in the places we lead and we do not respond, then opportunities will be missed.  These opportunities for new life which naturally present themselves in the change of seasons will be stalled or worse yet they will be destroyed.

Is the season changing where you lead – home, church, or organization?  Are you being responsive to the that change?  Are you in danger of missing the opportunity for life around you because you are stuck in leading like you did in the season before?

You can’t stop the seasons from changing, but you can stop your self from acknowledging the change and acting appropriately.

Dear leaders, please be willing to acknowledge when the seasons change – we are counting on you.

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