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“For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong.”

H.L. Mencken, American writer


September 22nd – today – is the first day of Fall.  Fall is a glorious time that provides space for recollection.  Fall is a time to do the robust work of  (re)ordering of the inner life.

As leaders, if we do not pay attention to this stirring and need for (re)ordering we will do damage to our lives and the those around us.  The desire to find order though can be undermined by solutions that are simple, neat and wrong.

Our souls, our inner lives are complex.  During this time and season of (re)ordering, I am hyper aware that I need deep examination, adjustments that are directed at the root level of issues, and space to dive deep.

During this season, do not short cut the work of recollection by choosing the simple and neat solution.  Instead, let your soul soak in the coolness of the day.  Let your heart wander as you find time to allow your feet to do the same.  Stare the disorder in the face.  Lean into it.  Allow yourself to do the heavy lifting of (re)ordering your inner-world.

Just as the world was ordered in a way that it has seasons that change and transition, our lives also have seasons.  Live into the shift of seasons.  (Re)order as needed.  Trust the Creator for guidance.

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