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Where we find ourselves: The United Methodist Church, Part 5: what is way forward, really?

As we look ahead, no matter how the vote goes, is there things we can agree on, about who we want to be as a church. It is possible that these very moments of examination might actually give us clarity, and some things to commit to in spite of which ever way the vote goes.

With a binary choice - stay or leave, there is not much room for everyone to feel a 100 percent either way. Most folks I have spoken with this far -will say things like this:

I would choose to ______, and yet I feel torn because of ___________.

The leadership keeps talking about this very reality. The leadership team at our last meeting is still processing and we are in different places ourselves; so we thought it would be good to name some realities that we can agree on. Statements that we can all say, I could be united around these values going forward.

That is another reality in this situation: if there is only a choice to make without a solid story on the other side that is compelling, it feels more defeating than it does hopeful, right?

So what if would could unite around a God-sized and God-fueled story? What if we found deep motivation to move forward because we sense the invitation of God to more fully be His Church?

So, with all the expectation turned up to level 10, here is what we can all agree upon:

  1. We will always be welcoming to all. Jesus welcomed all, met them where they were at, and invited them to freedom. We will do the same

  2. We will be committed to the mission of the Kingdom of God above any and all institutional ties.

  3. We believe that only the Holy Spirit can bring transformation in people’s lives

What else can we add to this list?

I think finding our common ground in God the Father - seeking His heart is where were find life and life to the full.

Can we seek God together in this season?


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