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One life at a time...

My name is Kevin Parido, I am a certified Level 1 ICF life coach. My purpose is to support individuals dedicated to aiding others, including pastors, church leaders, fellow life coaches, and more. If you're navigating a period of transition, I'm here to assist you. I characterize my coaching approach in three words: spiritual, practical, and grounded. Please explore the services I provide below, and feel free to reach out for any inquiries or to schedule a complimentary session to experience firsthand the support I can offer you.

Planting a Tree

We can all benefit from the guidance of a coach. Engaging in one-on-one coaching offers an invaluable opportunity to delve deeply into your aspirations, identify obstacles, and develop strategies to propel yourself forward despite challenges.

One on One Coaching

Business Meeting

Drawing on nearly a decade of experience collaborating with teams in both church and organizational contexts, I offer my expertise to help you and your team gain clarity regarding your objectives, navigate obstacles, and forge a unified path forward.

Coaching for Teams

'A Grounded Life' Group Coaching

"A Grounded Life" not only represents the name of my coaching business but embodies a collection of practices—living values—that shape my approach to navigating the world. These practices encompass aspects such as time management, setting priorities, and fostering growth in various aspects of life.


In addition to being a coach, I integrate my experience as a bladesmith into my skill set. Drawing parallels between the craftsmanship of blades and the intricacies of life, I believe that insights gained from the tangible world can profoundly inform our understanding of our inner selves. Knives and life share common threads, offering valuable perspectives on both craftsmanship and personal growth.

'Forge Your Life' Retreat

Let's talk

I would love to talk to you.   Whether you'd like to discuss the details of coaching or prefer to schedule a complimentary session to experience firsthand how the coaching process unfolds with me, feel free to reach out using the contact information below.

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