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My name is Kevin Parido.   My wife  - Sarabeth and I started Shepherd's Forge in 2021. Here is what we know is true: some things in this world just feel right because they are right.  Hand-forging, fitting and finishing a knife is one of those things for me. When a knife you purchase from Shepherd's Forge is taken care of well , it will be something that gets passed down to your children and even to your grandchildren.  


Legacy.  I am wanting to create legacy with each knife that comes out the forge.   Therefore I will work hard for you to have a knife in your hand that is simple -durable -functional.   


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I am always open to questions, comments, custom orders or anything else that is on your mind.   Fill out the information and I will get back in touch with you ASAP.

You can also reach me directly at:

Tel: 859.771.6816


And never miss a group of knives drop (first drop will be on Feb 7, 2022 and mailing list will have first access to our "Beloved Kitchen Knife" that will make a great Valentines Day Gift!

Thanks for submitting!

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