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Serendipity: Sunday Morning Coming Down 1

Serendipity is defined as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.  I was reminded of this yesterday as I spent time with my dear friend Devin.  It had been way too long since we had spent time together,  it was very good to reconnect.

Sitting in the same spot where we had our first long conversation, gave me a chance to pause.  A chance to remember.

Our first meeting was indeed serendipitous – he was auditing a class that I had only taken on a whim.  I usually sit alone in a classroom setting – Devin never sits alone.  A bit of talk here and there before and after class, lead to connecting outside of class.  During that first long conversation – we swapped stories, family histories, things we cared about deeply, things that anger us.

He made a call that day to one of his friends:  Lyman.  Devin was convinced I must meet Lyman.  Lyman is the type of guy that you leave his presence knowing that you have been near God.   Love, care, concern and conviction are expressed in his intense listening and his stout words.   Serendipity again?

These conversations with Devin and Lyman awakened something in me.  They called something new out in me.  They named that  I had something that I had to share with others.  Others before then had done this in different ways – but something new was being stirred.  The new-found understanding lead to more friends/mentors:  Aaron, Bryan, Russ, Sara and Shawn.

I could list the string of friendships that have come from this one connection, but that would entail a ‘Monday- Saturday coming down’ post.

But- here is what I must name.  Before I came to seminary, as I was in waiting game of, “God is this what you want me to do?”… and in answer I got the distinct impressions of a few things from God.  One of them was this:  In seminary, you will make connections that will define the next season of your life.

These friendships are actively defining the trajectory of the next season of my life.

For that I am grateful.  For that I am hopeful.

Serendipity or was something else afoot?

What relationships and connections are being stirred in your life right now?  What people are in your life that you know you need to connect with, but you have been putting it off?  What call do you need to make today?

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