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3 questions that will change your life…if you let them:

My wife yelled at me the other day.

She said you have to stop asking the question, “Who hurt you?”

I stole this question that was once uttered by Kelly on the best show of all time - The Office.

I ask this question to someone in jest, when others say things that are just, in my opinion, ridiculous.

So I need some new questions to ask. And I think I have some.

Before I give you the questions, let me say this:

Questions, not statements, invite life.

And in a world that seems to have lost all sense of any grounded-ness, questions - when they are heard, change us.

I could fill many pages of the people acting crazy and foolish over the past few months. I have actually never experienced such a viral movement of anger, angst, hypocrisy, lies, and plan evilness that has flowed freely.

Therefore, these questions, if you have ears to hear them, will ground you:

All of these questions can be found in God’s written and recorded word, aka His voice:

Do you want to be well?

Who is your neighbor?

Is your anger a good thing?

Ask the questions.

Seek the answers.

Knock on the door of the new.

Grace and Peace,


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