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After the fallout: Finding God's path and reclaiming our faith...(part 5: this is the way...)

(Sorry for missing few days: Our family is experiencing first hand Covid 19. One of the boys tested positive on Saturday and another on Sunday and I started showing symptoms on Monday morning. Once I get over initial hump, then I will get back to writing. Until then, enjoy what might not be the next chapter, but one I wrote a few weeks back.)

This is the way and the problem with Cannibal sandwiches…

One of the few upsides to the Pandemic has been the redemption in my opinion of the Star Wars franchise with the series “The Mandalorian”. During this series, when Mando encounters others of his people, is leaving a friend, when he reaches a moment of great decision, he uses the refrain: This is the way.

This is the way is a method of centering in the show, of bringing back to the roots of why he lives and why he exists. At it’s very best intent, this is book with the same intention. The mantra I want us to say, “this is Your Way God, I will walk in it.”

In a world that has been turned upside down and church where things have things have become divisive, there is a path, a way and we are called to walk in it. Finding God’s path is the goal of this life. Walking it out, moving down the path, and going in the way that He has made and called us for - well, that is the good, the right and the whole.

To walk this path is a choice. It is a choice to seek God’s path out and walk it. You get to make it today as you read this book. You have the choice to say yay or nay to this path seeking and walking.

Many of us are suffering from what I will call the cannibal sandwich syndrome. This past Christmas I saw warnings coming out against eating cannibal sandwiches. I was interested and I started digging. One state seems to be the epicenter of this tradition: Wisconsion. So, around Christmas time there is a tradition of eating this sandwich that consists of raw ground beef, onions, salt and pepper. There are traditions of this that go back generations for some and they defended it. Others, as I read the articles, seem to have the vibe of “hold my beer, I will show you how cool I am” by eating this sandwich. Health officials say that there is great influx of people showing up with serious stomach issues after ingesting raw hamburger.

Here is what I willing to say is true: despite the warnings, people persisted. But why? It is their way. And you can not take it from them because it is theirs. They do it because their parents and grandparents did it. It is there way even though from the outside it looks like a whole lot of unneeded risk for very little pay off. Yet we humans don’t think logically when it is our way, right?

I want to ask you: where do you tend to walk in ways that don’t bring life? Where do you lean towards things that are not wise, whole, good and right? And are you willing to cease walking in your ways, and start walking in God’s paths?

If I have your permission, I would like to address some other ways, some cannibal sandwiches that many of been feasting on. And due to the eating, they/we have created many spiritual stomach issues. Let us proceed.

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