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After the fallout: Finding God's path and reclaiming our faith (part 8: where I am stuck...)

This is where I get stuck…

There is list of things I want to to examine: the way the church has seen Covid, masks, science and memes. I would love to explore why we can’t simply walk in another person’s shoes and see and empathize with the all the racial injustice issues. Instead why must Christian’s justify their own racial bias with weird things? Why must people honor and promote their person for president by completely destroying the other opponent’s personhood? These are things that the church did in the eruption. Eruption behavior should not be repeated. I know if you have read this far, you feel the frustration also.

But this is where I get stuck. And since I “live-writing” this - not for sure if that is a thing or not, but it is now. I get stuck because I am really not for sure if dismantling the false logic around each of these things will do any good. I am not trying to sound like a pessimist here, but I am not for sure how much good this will do right now. It feels at times that it will be an adventure in convincing the convinced that we are must be different and those that disagree, have already stopped reading. So should I spend my time writing/editing words that will not grow anything good?

To be honest, this is the second take at this book already. I started it in late December early January. I had the opening done prior to the Capital Riot on the 6th. I had to redo it again after that, simply because I thought prior to that day we had reached our collective worst - and that the eruptions were over with - but it was not. January 6th - was possibly where all the smaller eruptions were leading to. And thus, I am stuck.

If there is a hole in boat, we are all in trouble. There is a hole in this boat called the church. Maybe I attempt to spend some time articulating the hole so that they right hole can be fixed.

So, let’s jump in.

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