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an extra shot please…

Today was good.

It was the type of day that when you order an Americano (espresso shots and hot water) and they give you an extra espresso shot – for free.  That is the type of day it has been.

What made my day an ‘extra espresso shot’ type of day?

I got to have lunch with a former professor and current mentor and friend.  This man has a way of bringing out the best in me.  A way of calling out calm and speaking hope in a very casual way.  The conversation that was had spoke to the true parts of me.  The conversation today spoke to the places that are the true me.  The conversation diminished the chaos and the faulty scripts in my life. It was the extra shot that I desperately needed in this time and season.

No matter how self sufficient, smart, aware or whatever other adjective we  want to to throw at having our lives together, we are still in need of others in our lives.  We all need others.  

We were not made to walk alone in and through this life.

I am deeply aware that in my own journey, the times I have been at my best have been times when I have been deeply connected to others.  The times of my life that have a sense of hopelessness, are times when I attempted to walk alone.

I like myself and others more when I am walking in deep community.

Drink deep of the ‘extra shot’ moments.

Offer the ‘extra shot’ to others. 

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