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Are you stuck?

I am writing this blog post, while in the air and on my phone’s mini-keyboard.  While in the air you are separated from your life for a bit.  Literally, you float above all the world and its busyness.  There are moments of reflection and examination.

Likewise, this first month of the year continues to be a time where we all look at our lives.  As we do, we at times feel ourselves to be stuck.

Too stuck to move.  

Too stuck to change.  

Too stuck to be who we are made to be.

Today, I want to remind you of a truth summarized in 3 statements and then give you a four-step protocol for getting and living unstuck.

Here is the truth:

1. The grace that God offers to us is real

2. Therefore change is possible and

3. Growth is expected

God knows our brokenness and our inability to be who we are made to be without some divine intervention on His part.  Grace is His way of saying, I want to help you be whole and healthy.  Grace is the outstretched hand of God, saying, “let’s do this thing called life together.”

And because grace is offered, change is possible.  Because God is involved and we are actively participating with Him, the transformation is possible.

And growth is expected.  When we accept and work out the grace that God is working in, the growth is going to happen.  It is just natural.  But hear this, God expects us to be transformed and grow.  If we do not experience growth, then we are not experiencing God.

So that was the truth, here is a practical way to apply it:

1.   Know where you are – be honest about where you really are – the good, bad and ugly.  Do not hide from this.  You must name that you are stuck before you can take the next step.

2.   Know who you are called to be – this is s question not of what you need to do, but who you are becoming.  Who do you need to “be”?  Are you called to be strong, courageous and faith-full?  Name the person you are called to be and let me “bring” inform your “doing”

3.  Own your process – what are the steps you need to take to be the person you are called to be?  What is the process – ie the series of steps you can take to be the person you are called to be?  Talk to a friend and let them help you sketch this out.

4.  Take the first next step – there is always a first next step.  Just take it.  And when you are done with that, take the next.

As you work this 4 step protocol you will gain freedom from your stuck-ness.

strength and courage,


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