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OneWholeLife:  Clarity

Life as a theory is an extremely simple undertaking.

Live well, live whole.

Be found, love deeply, grow where you are planted.

Make peace with the Creator and respond to the grace that is offered.

But life has a way of taking the simple and making it intricate and complex.  I desire to help others do some sorting of life: Take what is muddy and make it clear.

Step for today (and this week):  Seek clarity

Clarity or seeing things as they are is a great and mighty force in life.  Clarity allows us to know where we are, what is holding us back, and what is moving us forward, even when we don’t want to move that way.

Make a list.

I find that writing down all the things that are going through my heart and life is a good place to start.  The bigger the page the better.  Write it out.  Just list it.  Don’t think about it, just get it all out on paper.  Write down all the things that you spend time thinking on, doing, worrying about and the such.  Nothing is too small to write down.

Start sorting the list.

Sort them simply between good things and bad things.  Some of the things that we pursue, or pursues us are not good. It is needed to name that.   Make another category separates the good from the best things.  The best things are your most important things.  Relationships with God, family and friends.

Give the list time to breathe

So now you have a list of the best things, good things and bad things in your life.  Let that list simmer.  Sit on it.  Pray on it.  Look at it often for the next week.  Talk to your friends about it.

As you do, ask yourself these questions:

What clarity is emerging?  

What truth is coming to the surface?

What do you need to do next?

Clarity is a good gift, a mighty force.  It will not always feel good, but it will lead you to a solid next step.

I hope you find clarity this week.

Vigilant in all things,


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