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Finding the light, finding the path…

I have hit a bit of a wall in my blogging.  I feel like every blog I write is the same.   Others that are reading along tell me it is not all the same, but it sure feels that way.  But a very wise women – my wife – made this observation while we were having this discussion:

“You have put your finger on what is not working in your/our/other’s lives, but can you write to help others make progress?”

So I am going to try to talk about some ways that you can make progress.  But I do not want to approach this in a simple behavior modification.  I do not want to write about quick fixes. I want to write about spaces and practices in the days ahead that men and women can participate in that will help them.   I want to name ways that lead to lasting and sustainable changes.

Life is about moving forward.  It is not only about owning where you are, but is about taking the next step.  It about progress, no matter how imperfect  or slow it is.

I have found that once people can own their own situation and see a way out, then there is the higher likelihood that they will make real progress.

The reality is that life is not complicated.  

Most of life is about the obvious next steps, but they are not always easy.  (Again, sometimes life is complex, dark and confusing, but a lot time it is fairly simple)

So my hope in the days ahead is to offer a variety of real life practices, spaces and activities you can engage in that will lead towards life.  I took this picture above a few mornings ago and I believe it tells the story of progress well.

We have to find the light breaking through the clouds of our lives.  We have to focus on it, not the dark skies around it.  We have to find the path that is before us and walk it.   I hope to offer some means to do that in the days ahead.

So here is the preview of next post:

Transforming questions part one:

What is your life – your time, actions, words – say you are committed to?

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