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Be mindful of your steps

At our home, part of the food we eat comes from harvesting a couple deer during this time of year.  Last year, my oldest son got his first deer.  This year during youth weekend, we were on a quest for my middle son to get his first deer.

So a few weekends ago, we went to a friend’s cabin a few counties for the weekend in hopes of getting a deer.  To set the stage a bit, I have a 11 and a 9 year old in the woods, both excited as can be about this opportunity.  Being quiet is a key to hunting deer.  A lot of noise will spook the deer and sending them fleeing from the area you are hunting.  Dry leaves upon the path makes for walking quietly a large challenge.  For an easily excited 9 year old that is carrying gear and a gun, paying attention to his steps is the last thing he is thinking of.

That weekend, I must have said a 100 times this phrase:

Be mindful of your steps

These are precious moments in the woods with my children.  It is a sacred time to learn small, yet profound life lessons.  I said this phrase so many times that it has been echoing in my ears for the past few weeks.

I have entered into an extremely busy time of the year.  On top of that busyness, there are new responsibilities that I have said yes to.

I keep on hearing a voice from somewhere ahead of me, say, “Kevin, be mindful of your steps.”

I wanted my boys to literally listen to how loud their footsteps were.  I wanted them to take note of the weight their steps carried.  I wanted them to change the way they were walking so that they could be successful.

I believe God desires for us to be mindful of our steps. 

Mindful of how we are walking. 

Mindful of where the path we are on is taking us. 

Mindful of how fast we move down that path. 

Mindful of the weight our steps carry, not only for ourselves, but those around us.

If we are walking a direction without knowing where or why we are going, then we need to stop.  Others are counting on us to lead and lead well.  

When we are not mindful of our steps, then we are just going through the motions of life. 

Our success, and the success of the ones we are leading, is dependpent on us to be mindful of our steps.

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