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Strong. Steady. Progress.

Today I feel stuck. Not completely stuck, just a bit stuck.

When I started the blog, my goal was to write three posts a week.  I have slacked a lot in the last three weeks.  I simply have been not been writing.

I have been busy, but I was busy before.  And I am thinking about “how I am not writing.”  I have been stressing about what I should say.  What do people need to hear?  Actually, I have been asking the question, “What would people like to hear?”

A dear friend of mine that has been writing and making albums for many years comes to mind.  Many times I have heard him articulate the tension between writing for others and writing what is flowing from his heart and life.

My advice to him has always been, “Write what is on your heart. Because it is from the heart it will connect with other people.”

It was easy to name that in someone else.  It was easy to say “write”.  Go ahead, write with all you have.  Write your heart.  Sing your song.

But to myself, it is struggle.  It is struggle to just write and trust that my words will do what they are intended to do.

I am assume you have been in this place, right?  You have taken on a new project or a new way of doing life.  You have drawn a line in the sand.  You push hard for a bit then then you feel the doubt creep in.  You feel the words of death and discouragement come knocking.

Things like this are said/heard internally:

“You can not really pull this off, remember the time when you….”

“They can do that thing, (we all have the they’s in our lives- you know who they are) but I can never sustain this…”

“What will my friends think of me when I fail again?”

And the downward spiral begins.

I want to say as a form of encouragement today.   If you are feeling some of this stuck-ness, or if you are feeling discouraged, then lean in.  Maybe you are feeling right on the edge of just giving up that new thing, that new way of being.  If so, listen intently.

Forge ahead.  

The definition forge ahead:  To make strong steady progress.




Strong.  When you feel like giving up, stay strong in what you know what is true and what you are called to do.

Steady.  It is consistent.  It is not sprint and rest.  It is about going forward  with a good  and constant rhythm.

Progress.  It is about forward movement.  It is not about getting to the end of the road today, but it is about taking the next step down that road today.

Let us forge ahead together.

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