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Good intentions are not enough…

Rarely in my dealings with leaders*, do any of them lack good intentions. 

What separates an average leader from an extraordinary leader is one that is able to work beyond their good intentions.   An extraordinary leader is able to sort through the good intentions to find and live into the best actions.

Good intentions are a plot of ground plowed for a garden.  Best action is a garden planted.  Best actions move leaders beyond good intentions because seeds do not grow in the soil of good intentions.

Good intentions are knowing what is good and right- best actions are doing what is good and right boldly and intentionally.  Good intentions are the things we are going to start tomorrow- best actions are the things we start now.  Good intentions are the way we portray our life on social media- best actions are living our best life in real life.  Good intentions are the words that are spilled for the sake of hearing ourselves talk- best actions are words that change us so that we can spark change around us.

I am not being hard on you anymore than I am being really hard on myself.  I have so many good intentions.  I have spent the morning, catching up on emails, lists, chores, writing, and reading.  As I have done that, I have realized I have so many good intentions and most are even written down.  One of my good intentions was to publish two blog posts a week.  It has been almost 6 weeks since I have posted any words here.  I have plowed many fields, but not planted anything to grow.

I am choosing today best actions.  I am writing.  I am going to choose other things today that are best actions for me.  In choosing best actions I will have to let some good intentions go.  As I choose best actions, my perceived good life – based on my good intentions – will be transformed. My life will become something new, good and more whole.   It will start to grow, a garden full of blooms and a harvest to come.


*A leader is  anyone that chooses to use their gifts and influence for the good of others

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