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Hard Work is Good Work

I am behind this year in the gathering of wood for the winter.  We have been primarily heating our house with our wood stove for the past 3 years.  Having and tending to a fire is my favorite part of the fall/winter season.  There is no warmth compared to the warmth of real wood burning in the wood stove.

So far, I have only about half of the wood I need for the winter gathered at the house.  I have completed a few other projects this summer on the homestead that have pushed the gathering of wood back a bit.

I know there is hard work in the days ahead.  There are plenty of trees and large branches down that are waiting to be cut up and thrown in the back of my truck.  This work is a grind.  It does not go fast.  The wood is heavy.   The chainsaw is violent and strains your arms after a few hours into the process.  The spitting and stacking take time.


This work is needed — but it is not easy. 

I choose to do this work because it is good for my homestead.  It is good for my family.  It is good for my boys to learn to be out and work with their hands.  It is good for them to feel the strain of lifting and stacking.  It is good for them to develop the discipline of doing jobs that take a while.

In this way, I am choosing to lead.

Remember a leader is anyone that chooses to use their gifts and influence for the good of others.

I am choosing to lead by facing the hard work and not running away from it.  I am willing to invite my boys into work that they do not like but is needed for our family.

As a leader, what hard work it before you right now?  What hard work do you do need to face head on and get  done?

Here is the word for the day:

Face it head on.  

Get to it.

Don’t dread it or work around it.  

Just get to it.

Heed the words of our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt:

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Find that work.  Work hard.  Lead well.

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