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I can’t remember the quote…

I have been trying to remember a quote for the past week.  I can not for the life of me find it on my computer, in a journal, or stuck up on a wall.  I can not remember what the quote fully says, which is driving me crazy.  I am not even for sure who said it.   But here is all that I can remember:

Lead us to where the real battle lies.

I have been thinking a lot about this phrase.  I am assuming we all are in the midst of battles.  We are all fighting for something.  Some are urgent, some are critical, some in the grand scheme of things are very trivial.  Some things we are fighting for are good, some are bad, and some times we fight for things that are flat out ugly.

I deeply desire to fight for the right things.  I want to fight for the good, the right and whole things.  I want fight the battle that needs to be fought not skirmishes that help no one.

But I need to be led to where the real battle lies. 

I don’t always know where the real and good and whole battle lies.  I need to be led.  I need to Divine wisdom and guidance.  I need to know where to put my energy and where and when to go to war.   I need guidance because I am shortsighted and just plain sideways at times.

I implore you today: 

Look at the battles you are engaged in – are they good, whole and right or are they something less?

Do you need guidance and help in being led to the where the real battle lies?

Fight for clarity so you can step into the battles that you need to be fighting.

Vigilant in all things,



Dear God, please lead us to where the real battle lies.  Give us wisdom to fight where we need to fight.  Help us to walk away when we need to from trivial battles.  Let us be found strong, faithful and courageous in the battles you have called us to be in.  Lead, guide and direct.  In Jesus Name, Amen  

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