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Life in a bubble…

If you choose to live in a bubble, you are missing out.    

A bubble is created so you can keep your thoughts unchallenged, your mind untainted by others, and so your already established notions can be affirmed and reaffirmed by others that dwell in your bubble.

Bubbles make you feel safe, smart, right and in control.

A couple downsides:  bubbles easily break and then we spend a lot of time blowing more bubbles.  I meet a lot of people that are out of breath due to bubble blowing …

Furthermore,  bubbles eventually lead us to building walls…

Walls in our hearts, walls in our families, walls in our churches, walls in our community and walls in our country.

How are you leading?  Are you blowing bubbles and building walls, or are you helping others seek the good, the right and the whole?

And if you are saying, “I am not a leader.” – let me remind you:

A leader is anyone that chooses to use their gifts and influence for the good of others.  

Lead well my friends.

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