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Your fallow ground…

I remember sitting in the small country church on Wades Mill Road  when I encountered this prophetic command in Hosea 10:12:

“Sow for yourselves righteousness

Reap the fruit of unfailing love

Break up your fallow ground” 

It has always rattled around in my head, and I have always been fascinated by the imagery of breaking up the fallow ground. Fallow ground is land that is usable and worthy, yet is laying dormant.  Fallow ground is potential and life untouched.  This call of my fallow ground haunted me in my years working in and outside the church.

And in it all, I keep coming back to this:

God desires to grow the essence of His heart within the soil of our lives.

But many of us slip towards letting this ground lay fallow; unused.  We slip towards ignoring it—not touching the deepest parts of our lives.  Our hearts are left alone and untouched— fallow.

I believe God has been calling me more and more towards plowing up my unplowed ground.  For me that means starting this blog.  My heart’s hope is that by writing and giving voice to these things, I can help others see their God-seeded potential—to see their fallow ground—to see what fruit can be produced within.  I am especially interested in the work of leaders.  A leader to me is anyone that exerts and expresses influence.  Moms, Dads, teachers, CEOs, pastors, mid-level managers, farmers, factory workers, etc.

We all have those whom we influence.

All have the potential and ability to lead.

Too few are intentional about breaking up their  fallow ground.

“Break up your fallow ground…”

What ground has laid untouched in your life?  What types of crops can you imagine that God wants to grow in your fallow ground?  What is does it mean to break up that ground?

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