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Luke 10

Reflection on Luke 10

I really love reading Scripture in a way that allows me to hear the stories that are happening. When we read the Bible and we give ourselves space to hear the word, good things happen.

Luke 10 has some classic stories from the Gospels. Two of the most told stories of the Gospels are here: the good Samaritan and Jesus at the home of Mary and Martha. I can not do those two stories justice. I will let those conversations linger out there a bit – I want to spend some time on the 72.

The chapter starts with the sending out of the 72 others. Others to me here means beyond the original 12. 72 are sent out in pairs – 36 pairs if my math is correct. Again they are given the power to heal and the command to proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom. This is not a small task – it is a large one. So large is this work, that Jesus says the harvest if beyond what you can imagine. He asks those going out to pray for workers for the harvest.

The work of the harvest is so large that we need to ask God for workers. I sometimes get distracted making plans to change the world, but Jesus calls us to pray to God for other workers. This has huge implications if we allow it to sink in.

Let me say it this way: when we see the world turned upside down and evil having its way – what if our response was to pray for workers for the harvest and not to worry and fret? What if instead of bemoaning the leadership on either side of the aisle we used our energy to ask God to send workers.

I am here reminded of Wendell Berry’s basic thought. The problems of industrial farming and the damage it has caused/is causing will not be solved by the government. Rules and regulations will not fix what is broken.

The problem will be solved when those most affected take ownership of their lands and their needs and the needs of their neighbors. When this leadership is expressed at a local level, then real change is possible.

Likewise, Jesus is in need of local leaders – his people on the ground – making a difference in their communities. The world will not be fixed by new rules and regulations being installed by government or church regulators.

The world will be better when we have God’s workers in the field doing God’s work in their locale with Good Samaritan love.

Pray for that today.

Strength and courage,


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