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Mist vs. Must

Foggy, misty mornings are good for sitting on a covered porch and drinking a hot cup of coffee.  When you have no place to be or nothing to do, you can enjoy the mist.  Yet foggy, misty mornings are not good for a long drive to a place you have never been before.   Driving in the mist, causes the body to clinch and the senses to be on high alert.  It is tiring to drive in the mist

There are moments in life that is like driving in the mist.  There is always a place to be in life.   A next step to be taken.  A direction to move. I see people from time to time that have resigned themselves to live in the mist of life.  They become accustomed to mist, they expect the mist at every turn.   Sometimes the mist causes them to sit and soak, and never take the next step.  It is too foggy, too misty to go any place today.  They say, “I will sit and sip until the fog clears.”  To move anyplace in the mist is too much for them.  So they stay — safe and secure.

Let me pause and say this:  I, at times, fall into this camp.  The mist causes me to pause for longer than I was intended to wait.   When I constantly wait for the mist to clear, my leadership – self-leadership, leadership in my family and leadership to those beyond, is completely compromised and hindered.

So the solution of living consistently living and being paralyzed by the mist:  the must.

The must is what you know that you know that you know must be done.   It is not just about what you know must be done, but also what you must BE.  What are the passions, desires and God-given purposes that you must be and embody?  You must let that “must” guide you

If you are trapped by mist right now, you must find the “must”.  The must is the next step.  Lean into the must.  Find it, seek it and live it out.   Even it is foggy and cloudy, the must gives you the ability to step into the mist with determination and confidence.

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