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My friends, rest easy while standing firm

For the past 20 years I have worked in and around a church.  That is a large part of my story and experience.  So I want to speak to you all that hang around the church on the eve of Election Day.  (Side note:  If you are not a part of church or a faith community, feel free to read along also, you might find some helpful thoughts here.)

My friends, rest easy while standing firm.

God is still on His throne.  He is not anxious or worried about the security of this world, even this nation.  Please hear me, He is concerned and mindful, but He is not in a panic.  Rest easy in the fact that He has been, is and will continue to be faithful and steady.  He has not changed, and will not change.

My friends, rest easy while standing firm.

How do we rest easy in this environment where we feel so out of control?  How do we rest when we all the rhetoric is, ‘all will be lost if __________ is president.’

My response:  rest in the action you can take.  There is a lot of church men and women taking political stances about issues and concerns.  A lot of those same issues are things that people that follow Jesus could/should take action on at a local level.  There is much good that we overlook in our world that is right in front of us.

My friends, rest easy while standing firm.

The local church is still the hope of the world last time I checked.  Our hope of the world being transformed  can not be found in the politicians or the government.  The hope of the world rests in the church being the church.

Is the church fully being the hope to the community around it that the church is called to be?  Is church relying on the work of government or the strength, hope and love of God who founded it?  When did we the church become so fascinated by the work of government?  When the government become the greatest power for the world being a better/different place?

Let us stand firm in our call to be ‘hope’ to the world.  The world being different is up to us, Church.  We are the hands and feet of God in this world.

Church, let us not abdicate our role to the be change agents to the government who lacks the authority to bring real change.

My friends, rest easy while standing firm.

Do not let the worry of this election weigh you down friends.  Stand up.  Stand strong.  Stand firm.   Look inward and examine your heart and life and ask:   Am I being the hope the world needs today?

My friends, our call to be hope, love, truth and grace.  When we internalize these realities, our lives are transformed.  Our lives transformed, transforms those around us.

When those around us are transformed, the church becomes and the church and is able to provide true and lasting hope to the world.

My friends, rest easy while standing firm.

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