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one. whole. life.

What I desire most right now…

To write boldly, and with much violence.

I want to violently tear at what is nice and known

For just because something is known, and the path is worn

Does not mean it is the path to travel

Many a wayward soul has taken the paths of

Convenience, comfortability and disposability

Those paths call, with siren-like intensity

Yet, they leave their victims wanting and weak

I desire not to forge a completely new path

For many  ragamuffins have traveled the bold path

They have taken up the simple creed

“I will live one whole life, not scattered and many lives”

One whole life

The tension of the ‘many lives’ has become clear in me as of late

It eats and tears at my days

The diseases that shreds me to pieces: worry, fear, doubt and fret

Love and trust are the cure

Surrender and abandon the antidote

Violently and boldly I state this as my desire:

“I will live one whole life, not many small, scattered lives”

I will forge ahead

Participating fully,  and listening intensely

Loving boldly, and sacrificing fully thus living 

one. whole. life.

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