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Questions you must ask as you start 2018…

Questions that must be asked in 2018

Teach us to number our days so that we can have a wise heart. 

—>prayer of Moses from Psalm 90:12

As 2018 starts there are large thoughts that are taking up a lot of my time.

First and foremost, I think about how during this year in less than 120 days, our fourth son will be here – Larkin.  Our life and love will be enlarged once again.

There are practical things that must be done – a basement to finish out and a trade in of car(s) to get a vehicle that will hold all the family.

But there are deeper, more heart level concerns that I have been wrestling with. The phrase that will be phrase that shapes 2018 for me – Lose yourself.  I am by nature an introvert that likes order and control.  This is helpful in many ways, but in others, it keeps me from being as present and as helpful as I could be in the lives of my family, friends, church, and clients.  I am wanting 2018 to be different.

I do not have full to-dos of how to lose myself in 2018, but I do have questions that are forming.

I share these questions in hopes that they will also help you create some points of examination that will turn lead to living life with a wise heart in 2018.

Question 1:   Who needs you most to live differently this year? Why?

Question 2:  What negative habit or pattern keeps you from fully being who you are called to be?  Be as specific as you possibly can.

Question 3:  What practical practices do you need to participate in to be present for the person or people in question 1 and combat the things you listed in question 2?

Question 4:   What 3 words best describe who you are called to be in 2018?

Question 5:  Who do you need to help you be and do differently in 2018?

Question 6:  Who else that you know that needs to see these questions?

Question 7:  And will you walk with them to help them be different in 2018? 

Try these out.

Give me feedback.

And if I can do anything to help you in making your 2018 deeper and more aligned and alive – let me know.

Strength and courage,

Kevin A. Parido

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