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Really… you believe that…

Last night out of the blue, a good friend texted me this:

Will Smith – great actor

Before I tell you my response, let me give you a bit of context. We go back a forth about my dear friend’s poor choices in actors and movies. I try to help him have better taste in films and actors, but 10 years later we have really not made much progress. We so profoundly disagree about his choices from time to time, that we say out loud to each other: How are we, friends? Literally I was being very loud with my text messages, because the louder you are, the more right you are, correct?

So my response last night was this:

Will Smith is a great entertainer, but not a great actor

Side-note: For the record, we can all disagree about the above statement, but I have another realization that happened from this conversation, so stick with me for just a bit.

My opinion, The Fresh Prince aka Will Smith is an entertainer, but acting is not his main contribution to the world. I like Will Smith. I have seen a lot of his movies, I have nothing against him. Yet, someone being a great actor/actress is rare air.

And just because you are great at entertaining, does not mean you are great at acting.

And this led me to the whole reason I am even writing about this:

Just because you have an opinion and it is loud, does not mean it is great or right.

Many of us confuse loud with right just as my friend confuses an entertainer with a great actor

We believe if we or others are loud, that makes us right. It does not.

Jesus dropped this gold:

“But wisdom is proved to be right by her works.”*

Wisdom (being and living well) is proved to be right by her actions, not by the loudness of her words.

Strength and courage,



*Common English Bible. (2011). (Mt 11:19). Nashville, TN: Common English Bible.

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