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Rocks of Grace Rock

Every late winter, heading into early spring, as the ground thaws and becomes soft, the main gates leading to the cattle develop deep ruts.  As the tractor carrying a large hay roll goes through these same spots day after day, week after week the weight of tractor creates these deep tractor sized ruts.

When I attempt to travel these with my truck, I take the risk of bottoming out.  Ruts do not develop overnight, but once they do, they effect travel every day.

When you come to the ruts, you have two choices.  One, try find the high places between the ruts and hope that you are able to get through the narrow gate without hitting the fence posts.  It is a balancing act, that quite literally slides into option two: just go with the ruts, hope you have enough clearance and to not get stuck.

During the seasonal work of our lives, we also develop ruts.  In the midst of doing what must be done, the weight of our lives and the patterns of our days create deep ruts.

We are working on a big project at work, and it demands many hours.  It hurts our family and those close to us.  We just keep grinding at it.

A rut develops.

We have a relationship that goes sideways, and instead of dealing with, we just ignore it and move ahead.

A rut develops.

We choose to dip into our vice of choice in hopes of dealing with the stress that is mounting in our lives.

A rut develops.

We do not consciously choose ruts – it happens over time.  Once developed, unless they are dealt with, we will live with them and in them.

Yet to fill in the ruts of our lives, a choice must be made.  This is both an intentional and conscious decision.

On the farm, the way to fill in the ruts:  big rocks.  The bigger and flatter the better.  These big rocks fill in the ruts and create a new path.  A path that can be travelled.  A smoother path.  A level path.

God offers us big rocks of grace.  Grace is the means by which the ruts of our life are filled in.

Let me ask what is going to seem like a ridiculous question:

If people had the ability to fix themselves -fill in their own ruts – why isn’t everyone fixed? 

If people could, they would, right?  Have you ever heard someone say, “I am broken and messed up, I have chosen this and I refuse my right to fix myself?”

No, we hear statements like this:  I have tried and tried to be better – fix myself, fill in the ruts – but I can not do it.

God’s grace is able.  His ability to do what we can not do for ourselves is what makes Him God.

Ask Him to help fill in the ruts of your life.  Ask Him to show your next step.

Grace is real.  Change is possible.  Growth is expected.

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