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Something to Believe in…

I remember it was the fall of 1995, and I was getting my first tattoo.   I remember while waiting, there was a man there in his early 30’s getting a mark of love for his most favorite of all bands. And that mark was being emblazoned on his arm.  Poison.   Yes, the big hair band Poison.  Understand it was mid 90’s, and Poison was not as large as they had been in the late 80’s.  

If you have one of these – no judgement here. Not what I chose that day, but I was tempted.

Why I am I remembering this now? Well I have been thinking about one of their songs as I think about the state of our world/culture.

Poison released Something to Believe in 1990.

Here is the chorus:

And give me something to believe in

If there’s a Lord above

And give me something to believe in

Oh, Lord arise

I know the world needs something to believe in. We all have become skeptics. At times, there is no respect for facts, no honoring of something that is true. And all things seem to be shifty and crazy. Why is this?

So many reasons that are hard to calculate and pull all together.

Yet, at the the end of the day, if there is a hole in the boat, we are all in trouble. The hole is there, and we are taking on water. What do those that carry real hope need to do to fix the hole and get back to being people are that are good news to those around them?

Here is what I have come to for myself:

People should not have to look past me to see Jesus.

Instead they should see Jesus in me:

my words,

my actions,

the way I stand and move and be in this world.

You and I can complain and bemoan all day long that things are not like they used to be and our culture has gone to hell in handbag. We can talk about the times we remember as a kid all day long. Here is what I have found to be true about my own heart.

When I am complaining I can not at the same time be captivated by the good news that the Creator of all heaven and earth has made a way for to be in good standing with him.

That is the story of Christmas that the angels proclaimed to the to lowly shepherds:

“Glory to God in heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors.” (Luke 2:14, CEB)

Peace rests on us because the Creator favors His creation.

That message is worth believing in.

That is good news that is worth being shared.

Be this day what the world needs most: peace and good news.

Give them something to believe in by being captivated people.

A captivated prayer for this season:

God, use us how you wish

Change us if you must.

Oh, Lord arise

Oh, Lord arise


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