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Stay curious my friends...

Be curious, not judgmental - Walt Whitman

Stumbled on to this beauty of a quote through the amazing show Ted Lasso.

It reminds me to be curious in the places where I am and live and breath and love.

Here is the issue for me, I am really good at being judgmental. I see things that are broke, I see the gap, I want to make things better. This is what I am good at. When it is used well, it is called being strategic and it helps others.

But any of the gifts we have can be used for good or for ill. There is a spectrum. Our great strength becomes and our greatness weakness and vice versa. Our gifts can be used in and for the Light or they can devolve into use for and in the dark. That is the way it works.

I have taken too long of a break from writing because somedays the judgments I have are all I have to share - the situations and people and the institutions that have not been present are too many to name. But that is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is too easy to be that judgmental. And recounting all of them, will not be good for any soul.

But curiosity - especially Kingdom curiosity is good for the soul. Being curious about what God is doing, who he is calling me and you to be, and what it means to seek His Kingdom first in this world. Well that is worth speaking and saying. That is worth writing and reflecting on.

There is a day that is dawning where curious voices will be the ones that provide a way forward. Through the questions and the questioning they will help others find and walk the path that is good and whole and right (see Romans 12:1,2).

I will turn my attention to being curious about the Kingdom.



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