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Thankful for the consistency, faithfulness and goodness of my wife…

I have spent many a word on things related to leadership and spiritual formation on this blog.  But I have been struck this week by three words I would use to describe Sarabeth, my wife,:  consistency, faithfulness, and goodness.  She deserves for me to say more.

This past week, 2 of our 3 sons have had the stomach bug.  It has not been pretty.  Sarabeth has been up in the middle of the night, cleaned up some not so fun stuff, taken kids to the doctor, fixed soup, kept up all the stuff that is involved in a house of 5,  while all at the same time maintaining her multiple jobs outside of the house.  I am amazed at her consistently.  She is able to keep going, take care of what needs to be taken care of.  She consistently works until the work of the day is done.  She is not a list keeper, but she is consistent and faithful in her work.  She gets the job done.

Sara is faithful.  I watched her many times with our sons this week express deep faithfulness in her love and care of them.  She has a faithfulness to our children that binds her to taking care of them well.  She does this in such a natural way.  Faithfulness is not something she probably is even aware she is practicing because she oozes it from her for our family.  She has shown herself to be faithful this week.  Seeing faithfulness lived out is truly a beautiful thing.

Sarabeth is full of goodness.  So consistency and faithfulness can be done out of a sense of obligation or  a sense of duty.  But as she has cared well for our family and her responsibilities, she has expressed an abundance of goodness.  Goodness is hard to measure, but you know it when you see it.  It is felt.  You can almost sense something physical being shared by someone who is full of goodness.  Goodness gets on you.

I am grateful that I got to experience Sara’s consistency, faithfulness and goodness this week (and for the record many weeks before this week).  I am thankful that she married me so many years ago and I constantly get to see what it looks like to love well, be faithful and act in good and right ways.

May I be found to be both grateful and inspired.

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