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The Hard days and Faith muscles…

Not every day of this life we live is easy.  Some are hard, really hard.  There are some in this world today that are experiencing the worst day they have ever experienced.  

Pain, hurt, doubt and desperation don’t gently wrap their arms around us and squeeze the life out of us, instead they punch and kick us.  They knock the wind out of us and leave us on the ground.  If you feel like you have been punched and kicked lately, here is a word of encouragement.

Faith is a muscle.  Faith is something that is built day by day as we exercise it.   On the days that seem too hard and to heavy to keep moving forward, we by necessity push our faith muscles to the limit.

A lesson from our actual bodies.  Physical muscles are built the same way as faith muscles are – day by day, workout after workout.  But it is the times that we challenge ourselves to go harder or farther than we every have before, we learn something.  We learn that we have more than we thought we had.  In my experience, if we have trained day to day, then we have more muscle, more endurance and more strength than we thought we had.  It is pleasant surprise that we only discover as we push towards the limits of our physical capacity.  Only by pushing into and through pain, do we discover what muscles we really have.

On days where we are down, bruised and bleeding from the blows that pain, hurt, doubt and desperation have landed we are often surprised.  We find that faith is there.  And it is there in larger supplies than we first imagined.  We are stronger than we thought we were.  Faith when pushed hard against, reveals in the midst of pain, an inner and deep strength.

A place of peace emerges in the moments of being knocked down.  Faith gives us the ability to get up.  Faith allows us to see the small glimmer of hope that is present and will become brighter in the days ahead.

If you are beaten down today, take hope: faith is present.  Being beaten down is not a sign of having no faith.  Yet having the desire to get back up is a evidence of faith.  Keep moving forward.  Trust the faith that has been built.  Trust that it will continue to be built in you.

The depth of our faith is profoundly realized only when we been pushed to our limits. 

Keep the faith.


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