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The index cards on my desk

Those that are not truly free, will always hold others hostage.

I was cleaning off my desk this morning. And I have become a big fan of index cards. I, at anytime have 10-50 in stacks on my desk with different thoughts and quotes . I found a index card that said:

Those that are not truly free, will always hold others hostage.

I have no clue how long ago I wrote this statement down or what was going on to lead me down this path. But as I look at it today, I feel it still.

When I look around now at the things that I have seen and experienced over the past few weeks, I have seen others holding others hostage due to their lack of freedom. I see myself in moments creeping towards hostage taking due the fact of my own lack of freedom.

Another card on my desk:

We all have bad scrips that hurt, haunt, and hinder us.

These things keep us from living freely. When we live freely, we no longer are hostage takers, instead we help/are in the business of releasing the captives.

Another card on my desk:

Make Your way straight before me. - Psalm 5:8b

A prayer - help my to walk in Your path and your ways. If I walk in God’s path, which I need help seeing and walking by the way, then I will be free, and not take hostages.

One more card that is where I am today in response to this:

Dwell in the land, and shepherd faithfulness - Psalm 37:3

I will dwell today where I live. And I will do what I can to watch over and protect faithfulness.

Invitation to you/us:

  • How is your freedom - really?

  • And are you holding others around you hostage - Emotionally? Spiritually? Relationally?


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