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There are no good times, only priorities.

There are no good times, only priorities.

I heard this quote or something really close to it from one of my seminary professors, Dr. Russell West .

I found it this morning as I was sorting through old notes on my computer and I thought, “This is super appropriate to describe the last few weeks.”

The last few weeks around our house has a been a bit crazy.  And there has been so much to do, and there has been no good time to do it.   Multiple animals to be taken care of in multiple ways on the farm, 4 jobs outside the house to juggle, band concerts, testing for boys at school, track, travel, wood to be spilt, a house to be maintained and on top of it a deep sense of restlessness that seems to be sitting on us as a family.

There are no good times, only priorities.

These weeks the only thing that has guided us and kept us somewhat focused is not our wants nor a magical good time to do something, but instead our priorities.

We choose to have animals on the farm, thus we are responsible for them.

We choose to have a variety of jobs, but we must still maintain them all.

We choose to invest in track, so practices are a necessity.

We live in our house, therefore it  must be maintained.

You get the point.

The priorities that we choose, drive us forward, not the convenience or how something feels in the moment.

There are no good times, only priorities.

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