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Use the chum bucket first…

During my recent bout with a sickness that had me on my back in and in bed for a few days, I got a chance to catch up on some of my favorite shows: Any fishing show where they are catching large and interesting fish at exotic locations across the world.

And an interesting fact came to my attention that is worth mentioning. When you are going for an extra large fish, the place to start is with chum. Chum is defined as chopped fish, fish fluids and other material thrown overboard to attract other fish. Now, I first saw chum used during shark shows. They would throw out chum to call in the large man-eaters. It was like, a little fish blood and guts and magically Jaws shows up.

What caught my attention this time, was the way a particular savvy fisherman explained why you would chum. The chum -which is rather small pieces of fish and fish stuff – draw in small baitfish. As the smaller baitfish gather to feed the commotion they cause draw in the larger predators.

Now to catch the larger predators – the fisherman then catch some of the baitfish that was drawn in by the chum. After they catch the bait fish and use the baitfish for well, bait.

And that bait is what catches the large fish.

This is what I love about nature and the natural-created order: they teach us life lessons.

The lesson today:

In life – be it relationships, projects and/or leadership situations. Start small, and work your way up. Don’t just go straight for the big fish. Start small. Chum the water. Catch your baitfish. Fish with that – be patient – until you land the big one.

What big fish have you been pursuing?

Have you been frustrated at your progress?

If so, chum the water and trust the process.

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