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Your grief is real.

Me: You are grieving

You: No, I am not…I am okay – I am not grieving…

No really

We are all grieving

Change brings grief

And most that are living now do not remember disruption

and change like we have experienced as of late

(Just in case you are asking, I have only talked to those are 85 and below)

Now is change,

Now is grief

This grief is real

We all experience it at different levels

And as people do, we all deal with it in different ways

We all cope

Some coping mechanisms are good

Some are not so good

Some are deeply harmful

I am grieving this morning

I grieve not seeing the people I normally see

I grieve not having dinner with my father

I grieve not being able to go to Red River Gorge

I grieve Sunday afternoon BBQ’s with friends

I grieve not hugging people

I grieve not looking people in the face and seeing their whole face

I grieve that people are experiencing job loss

I grieve that others are experiencing relational crisis

I grieve that many are plunging into the deep waters of depression

I grieve addictions are that are running without check

I grieve the loss of lives that we are experiencing

Many want to fight

Many want to argue: is this whole Covid-19 really real?

Me: yes it is

And yet, when we are in IT, logic matters little

So let’s not argue about the validity or the response of our political folks

Or any other thing else we are fighting about now

fighting = simply a way to cope with our grief.

Let’s lay that down for just a moment.


can we please agree that we are hurting

That we are grieving

That we are experiencing deep change?

Can we find some unity in our common heartache?

And if we can

Then we can move together into what is next

We can move with the posture of a common heart

And a common good for people.

Let us find unity in our grief.

Then we can move forward with others in mind

United we stand

Divided we fall

There is a better story out there for us

Acknowledging we are hurting is the first step in living that better story


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