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IN the in-between

In the in-between

This week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is always a time to reflect and reframe for the year ahead.     My sermon this week is going to be all about how we cleave the the old from the new.  In other words, we cut off what has been old and not helpful, and embrace the new.

A few weeks back a jotted down on a page:  Cleave - cut - think cleaver - sever, separate.    We have been talking a lot what we need to do to write a new story.   I think this in-between time is a perfect time to think about what it is that needs to be cut or cleaved.

Cleaving is not done without a decision.  A decision to say, these two shall not be together anymore.    This belongs here and this belongs there - but the two  shall not be together.   

It is Tuesday and I am going to keep working and reflecting on this reality.   

What is it that you do in this in-between week.  

Do you spend time thinking, reflecting, planning?  

Is there things that you want to cut off and not take with you into 2024.    

All I can say is this: to cleave means you make first make the decision and then you act.     

More to come.


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