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The X, Y, and Z

We as humans are a fickle bunch.   We say we want X but we chase Y instead.  We complain about Y and yet we still try to get it.    What if…

X is what we want

Y is what distracts us


Z is what we need.

Stay with me here.   I am in the midst of writing a sermon this week combined my own reflection of where I am and where I am being moved to go, I think this X, Y and Z might be a good way to see our lives.   

We always have wants (X) and we move towards them sometimes without thinking.

Yet life is full of distractions (Y) - social media, anger, vices, addictions and the list goes on and on.   All seem fun, and worthwhile at least for a moment, but when we get trapped in the chasing that which seems to be chasing us.

The there is what we actually need (Z).   What is good, and right and whole.    These things are not always what we want, but we need them.    

Is this helpful for you as you sort your life?   Does this make you reframe how you see what you are pursuing and what is pursuing you?  What do you choose to seek today?  This week?   This year.

Be mindful my friends of your X,Y, and Z’s.


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