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What are your musts?

As I came into the office today, I saw an index card where sometime in the past month I had scribbled, “What are your musts?”

What are the things that MUST be done this year.   What are things that you no longer have anytime to wait.  Am I talking urgent - yes.   And I am also talking about the importance of things that are often neglected.  Doctor appointments, dentist, health, exercise, church, being outside, taking vacations.  You get the picture, right.

What musts are in front of you, screaming for attention.

Stop and think, what does it look like for me to give the musts the proper attention today?  This week?  These next 3 months?

Do what you need to do today to make time for the musts.   The musts are things you will never regret doing.

Go and make,


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