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thankfulness Sunday post:

Thankfulness Sunday Post:

I keep talking about clarity in all of these posts. Seems strange that find myself every Sunday thinking about the things that I see clearly. But here we are again. I realized this week this: All of what I am called to do is summarized in from KNifE to LifE. I do life coaching, I pastor, I do group/organizational coaching. All things that have to do with LifE and helping people live well. And I love making knives. I love the process and learning new things with each knife I make. I love teaching others to make knives. And there is a new space that I foresee happening in the days ahead. Retreats that move someone from making a knife and at the same time asking questions and seeking answers about one’s own story. I see that all of what I will spend the rest of my life doing somewhere on this spectrum of KNifE to LifE. This is my vocation, my call, my worth place. This clarity helps me enter each day with a posture that says, I know why I am here.

What is your calling? Vocation? Your worth place?

Have a great week everyone.

Strength and courage,


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