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Leaders make it simpler…

What does it mean to lead well?

Leaders make it simpler for those around them, but not easier.  

Let me clarify that statement a bit.

My oldest son has some of my tendencies.   He has the ability to lead and his leadership has started to come out.  Though like me, his best days of leadership quickly can turn into bossing others around out of his need to control.

Yesterday was a work day here at the Parido homestead.  We had a garden to weed and a yard to mow.  While waiting for the afternoon sun to dry things up, we worked on some cleaning projects in the home.  Sara and I took the kitchen area and boys took the living room, which including sorting the shoes.  Three boys, ages 11, 9 and 6 assigned a time consuming task can quickly go in the direction of the plans of mice and men.  My oldest, Lukas becomes the organizer of work.  He is good at it, but as he gets tired, he starts doing a bit more sitting and a lot less working.  His brothers tire of it.  A fight ensues.

I tried in that moment to explain to Lukas that his role was not to control and boss, thus making the work harder for his brothers, but he need to help them, make it more simple.  Encourage them.  Invite them into it.

Some of that is lost on even the most mature of 11 year olds, and I am afraid it is also lost on a lot of adults.

Many leaders err on the side of bossing and controlling.  It is easier to do that than lead.

Other leaders see their job to make work as easy as possible for those around them.  They make choice and decisions based on what will be the easiest for those they lead.

Leaders make it simpler for those around them, but not easier.   

Leaders instead make it simpler.  They make the work more understandable.  They make more clear.  But they do not make it easy.  Easy robs those being lead of making decisions.  Of thinking.  Of being challenged.  Does anyone really like doing mindless work?

And remember leaders are people who exert and express influence.

We all are called to make life clear and understandable, more simple for those that we influence.

Do not make it easy.

Life is not easy, but it is to be lived…together.

Lead well.

Grace is real.  Change is possible.  Growth is expected.

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