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Any 800 boulders have you trapped?

As an avid climber and adventurer, Aron Ralston often imagined countless different scenarios of how he’d save himself if something went wrong.
But he never thought of the one that would end up making him famous after he cut off his own arm in 2003 to escape from 127 hours stuck in Utah’s Bluejohn Canyon. That experience of being trapped by an 800-pound boulder taught him a lot about the importance of taking safety precautions when venturing out into nature, as well as some valuable life lessons he loves to share with audiences.” 1

Do you feel trapped? Backed into a corner? Not able to get unstuck?

To what extremes have you meant to get out of where you are? What options have you exhausted? To what extremes would you really go to get free?

Trapped. It is a word that we hear directly and indirectly a lot nowadays. It is across all ages, all demographics, all jobs. It is a state that we feel and wrestle and flop around and against.

What causes some to get free and others to remain trapped?

The list is long here, but if we could get one of them integrated into our life and heart, we would be on the right path. Here it is:

Surrendering our allusion of control over things we have no actually control over. AND claiming our agency and authorship over the things that we can have actual and meaningful influence on and over. AND knowing the difference.

What today, can you not change?

What part of your story has concluded and the time for editing has passed.

What blank page awaits you?

What new chapter is beginning?

In this new chapter what do you write and what do you do?

Is there an extreme cutting off that needs to happen for you to get the freedom you long for and were made for?

Who do you need to help you to get unstuck?

If you need help sorting this sort of thing, I am here for you. Just reach out and let’s talk.



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