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C’mon we have to get through this yuck

It is lambing season at the farm. Every morning now starts the same, when the light breaks on the day or somedays a bit before, we are in the barn checking the soon to be Momma sheep.

This morning, Larkin Bear was awake and so we all went down together.   No new sheep, but Bear enjoyed the barn, the dogs, and the baby sheep which to him was a ‘kitty’.   On the way out of the barn, there is a huge puddle, mud and straw mess


Bear stands on the edge of the yuck, looking, waiting.

This type of mess is what Bear knows as ‘yuck’.

Bear has boots on, he is ready for this.

Sara stands on the other side and says,

“C’mon, we have to get through this yuck.”

Friends, we have to get through this yuck.

Robert Frost says in a short essay called Servant of Servants:

The best way out is always through.

There are many variations of this statement. But I think it rings true today.

Keep the faith, one step at a time, pray, talk to people, wash your hands, practice social distancing but not social isolation.   

Is I write this the sun is breaking through.

In the words of the Beatles

Here comes the sun.

Strength and courage,


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